"City Story" is a cycle of photographic narrations about meaningless places, and about stories influenced by their topographic context. The urban stories created by the artist from Katowice, present lonely people lost in the world of postmodern architecture and its representative emblems: hypermarkets, amusement parks and glass aquariums of downtown buildings. Nobody says hello or goodnight here, unless the purchase or sale precede. The field of communication is based on transactions that have replaced transgression. It is the world where we make global deals and translocate knowledge and items, while emotions and feelings are displaced into cartoon anecdote, epitome of an e-mail or MMS wallpaper. A conversation has become the space of simulation and a dialogue has turned into dialogism of rushing mobile and/or computer keys. It is worth a mention that the gadgets (eg. a mobile phone or a car) constitute a symbolic orchestration for "City Story".

The people portrayed are situated within the agglomeration space which is, in fact, sterile of human presence, as if they have landed there by accident. The aesthetic excess of the reality is a feerie of colours, which cannot fill in the void and suppress the fear of people alienated from their social or family context. The looks of lonely and abandoned ramblers become lost in the confusion of the unknown. This world resembles the scenes form Antonioni's Blow-up. The drama, however, is not hidden in details, it is omnipresent in the frame, building up the covet terror and helplessness of anticipation, against their natural background: vertical and horizontal planes of architecture, dashes of dreamlike broken colours, cars, chimneys and the steel-swollen sky. The situations presented are without dialogism and without sense, which paradoxically shows that "without" is a factor constituting our condition and duration in time. On the other hand, the aspect of purpose, that we like to credit ourselves with as we construct new needs and bear consecutive hopes, is build of the very elements we think we can live "without". It is our existence that demands the excess of aim, purpose and live context. They are the source of art and creative passion. "City Story" is one of the marked and remarkable cards of this affirmative confabulation.

Roman Lewandowski - curator of exhibition (2007)