Photography: Anka Sielska
Producer: Agata Mendziuk
Set Lighting: Wojciech Gardas / Studio 65
MUA + hair: Magda Lach
Models: PaweĊ‚ Feledyn / Neva Models, Kasia Kmiotek, Kester

The Stendhal syndrome was diagnosed for the first time in 1982, thanks to the Italian psychiatrist Grazielle Magherini, who studied cases of patients suffering from hallucinations, severe dizziness and increased heartbeat due to contact with works of art. Earlier, in 1817, the French writer Stendhal experienced strong impressions during his visit to the Florence Uffizi gallery, after which he had to spend a few days in bed.
So, can the excess of beauty be harmful? Is it only classical art that can move us so much it hurts? Can modern art works cause similar symptoms? Do we need beauty to experience elation?
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